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Honda of Tenafly   Meet Our Staff

Honda of Tenafly : Management

  • Norman Dorf
    General Manager

    866-318-8985 x112
    Email Norman

  • Donald Dwan
    General Sales Manager

    866-318-8985 x201
    Email Donald

  • Michael Lynch
    Sales Manager

    866-318-8985 x202
    Email Michael

  • Arthur McCracken
    Internet/BDC Manager (BDC)

    866-318-8985 x219
    Email Arthur

  • Raymond Gesell
    Finance Director

    866-318-8985 x220
    Email Raymond

  • Harry Sagong
    Finance Manager

    866-318-8985 x216
    Email Harry

  • Michael Huh
    Finance Manager

    866-318-8985 x217
    Email Michael

  • Steve Simko
    Service Center Manager

    866-318-8960 x301
    Email Steve

  • Richie Markovski
    Assistant Service Manager

    866-318-8985 x305
    Email Richie

  • Lisa Magda
    Parts Manager

    866-318-8960 x401
    Email Lisa

  • Randall Rivera
    Asst. Parts Manager/ Wholesale Parts Specialist

    866-318-8960 x405
    Email Randall

  • Frank Massimo
    Human Resources Manager

    866-318-8985 x128
    Email Frank

Honda of Tenafly : Sales Staff

  • Herbie Rosario
    Product Specialist

    866-318-8985 x209
    Email Herbie

  • Mark Randall
    Product Specialist

    866-318-8985 x205
    Email Mark

  • Sam Chao
    Product Specialist

    866-318-8985 x206
    Email Sam

  • Hee Chung
    Product Specialist

    866-318-8985 x208
    Email Hee

  • Jerry Holmes
    Product Specialist

    866-318-8985 x211
    Email Jerry

  • Frank LaRocca
    Product Specialist

    866-318-8985 x210
    Email Frank

  • Nick Nutkis
    Product Specialist

    866-318-8985 X207
    Email Nick

  • Igor Barkagan
    Product Specialist

    866-318-8985 x212
    Email Igor

  • Arnold Bang
    Product Specialist

    866-318-8985 x218
    Email Arnold

  • Lynn Gerber
    Product Specialist

    877-660-7668 x225

Honda of Tenafly : Service Staff

  • Robert Galbrecht
    Service Consultant


  • Melissa Varga
    Service Consultant

    866-318-8960 x304
    Email Melissa

  • Kathy Amano
    Express Service Consultant

    866-318-8960 x308

  • Samantha Christiani
    Express Service Consultant

    866-318-8960 x310

  • Michael Ullman
    Express Service Consultant

    866-318-8960 x310

Honda of Tenafly : Collision Staff

  • James Best
    Collision Center Adviser

    866-318-8960 x326
    Email James

  • Rob Degeyter
    Collision Center Adviser

    866-318-8960 x327
    Email Rob


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