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Honda of Tenafly   World Class Vehicle Report

We believe it is our professional responsibility to provide the most comprehensive World Class Vehicle Report to keep you safe on the roads. As with regular oil changes, it is equally important to have your vehicle regularly inspected to ensure it's operating at its optimum level.

Why Do I Need Regular Vehicle Inspections?

Consider this, with passenger well being in mind, an airplane goes through a thorough safety and maintenance inspection before each flight. A pilot has the satisfaction of knowing that an expert has given the plane a clean bill of health prior to take off. You and your passengers deserve the same treatment for your vehicle.

Having your vehicle professionally inspected regularly will save you money! Ensuring that your vehicle is operating at "like new" performance will not only save you money on potential future repairs but will also save you valuable dollars at the pump.

Have one of our certified World Class Inspection experts give you the same peace of mind a pilot enjoys!

Our World Class Vehicle Report goes beyond a standard vehicle inspection that you may receive at most repair facilities or even at other Honda dealer service centers. Before you consider servicing your vehicle anywhere else, ask if they offer you a complimentary World Class Vehicle Report.

What We Do For You in creating your World Class Vehicle Report

To understand what your vehicle needs to stay in top running condition we:

  • Perform several different types of inspections / checks
  • Search our vast database of information to uncover anything we feel you should know
  • Analyze all the information we gather
  • Make recommendations to you about your car
  • Provide additional information to support our recommendations that will help you understand why certain maintenance items are important

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